Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

This is my first posting for Three or More Tuesday. The picture is of some wombats found at Australia Zoo. Wambats are large burrowing mammals found only in Australia. They live in a chamber of burrows and mostly come out at night to eat grasses, leaves and roots. They are marsupial, meaning, they carry their young in a pouch for about 5 months.
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  1. Happy Three or More Thursday!


  2. Nell,
    great photo for 'Three Or More'. They look cute and any animal that carries their young in a pouch has to be cute. LOL
    Thank you for playing along with us and have a wonderful evening/day whatever time it is in your part of the world :o),

  3. Hi Nell,

    What a cute picture! Saw the photos of your classic car as well, it's a beauty. Have a wonderful day!